SBCC Theatre Arts Department presents SBCC STORIES, stories written and performed by members of the SBCC Community; students, staff and faculty. An online, streamed performance, March 31-April 17, 2021. Directed by Maggie Mixsell, Scenic Designer Patricia L. Frank, Costume Coordinator Pamela Shaw, Director of Photography/Editor/Sound Designer Ben Crop, Production Stage Manager Samantha Horne. Featuring stories by: John Behring (performed by Julie Norin Fox), Seema Chopra, Kiran Dhillon, Ann Dusenberry, Paloma Espino, Sarah Fenstermaker, Martha Maria Garcia, Kyndra Gedney, Claire Hofer (performed by Stephanie Brown), Tanya Jefferson (performed by Stephanie Brown), Jack Johnston, Laura Kenig, Mason Levy, Lisa Marciano, Colby Noakes, Christina Pages, Stuart Orenstein, Sara Ostrowski (performed by Nathalie Aiello), Lois Phillips, Maggie Powell, Sally Saenger, Becky Saffold, Brian Silsbury, Joseph Simmons (performed by Morgan Johnson) Sue Smiley, Ida Wadman, Scout Wilkins, Helen Sun Wong, Raven Wylde.

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