SBCC Theatre Arts Department presents PROJECT LOVE, an original student production, November 13-23, 2013, Jurkowitz Theatre. Written by Sirwan Assad, Cathryn Betz, Antwon Calhoun, Jessica Brown, Chloe Canyon Clements, Megan Connors, Waldo Damaso-Figueroa, Sanna Forsen, Mack Guynes-Peterson, Benita Hoijer, Maria Jimenez, Josh Lampert, Katie Laris, Hunter Larson, Richard Lonsbury, Donal Ross, Alice Scharper, K. Adam Stumle, Aaron-Michael Mendoza, Hannah Wade, Ashley Wizel and all the people interviewed. Directed by Katie Laris, Scenic and Projection Design by Francois-Pierre Couture, Costume Design by Pamela Shaw, Lighting Design by Charles Thomson Garey, Sound Design by Barbara Hirsch, Production Stage Manager- Sydney Graf.

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Production Date: 11/2013

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